Dr Frank Burton

Projects Download Link: Projects

CATMOS Download Link: Download Link (Approx 500mb)

I developed an open source classic Gameboy emulator called FireGB using C++. It can be downloaded from https://github.com/Frankablu/FireGB/releases


The prototype tool developed for my thesis. The prototype tool is written using a combination of Java, Epsilon, C++, Prolog and Lua

Ludum Dare

I helped develop a simple platformer game within a 72-hour time period as part of a team. The game can be downloaded from https://github.com/HackSoc/LudumDare28/releases and is written in Lua with Love2D.


Chat software written purely in Java.
It is designed to work without any central controlling server.
It uses peer to peer communication and encryption.
Unfinished. Somewhat working.

Flying Game

As an extension of one of my undergrad coursework project I developed a simple 3d flying game. It is written using C++.

Chip8 Emulator

Very basic chip8 emulator written in Scala.
Written to help learning Scala.

The Yorker

During my first year at University, I took part in the construction of The Yorker, an online student newspaper, as part of a programming team of roughly 15 students.